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Ranchi: A team of experts from the Planning Commission is in the city to study the ground realities and prepare a report on improvement of agriculture in Maoist-hit and tribal areas of the country.

The committee, headed by former deputy director general of Indian Council for Agricultural Research (ICAR) C Prasad, will be in the city for two days beginning Sunday. During the stay, the panel members interact with farmers and representatives of Ramakrishna Mission and other NGOs that have been working for improvement of farming techniques in drought-prone areas which have climatic and geographical condition similar to Jharkhand.

"We have been assigned the task of preparing an action plan for improvement of agriculture in the country. Over the next two months, we will visit coastal regions, northeast and Jammu & Kashmir," said Prasad. Everywhere, the team will interact with the farmers and the NGOs to get inputs to prepare the report.

Prasad, who visited almost every state of the country and interacted with farmers and experts, said the main problem behind agricultural backwardness was mismanagement.

"If one goes through the report, it becomes clear that more than 50 per cent of the funds are not spent. We will try to make a report that will deal with the mismanagement for desired growth," said Prasad.

The team will also give emphasis on development of those 150 districts of the state which have been categorized as difficult.

"These 150 districts have peculiar problems because of social and geographical problems. We will give special emphasis on development of these districts," Prasad added.


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