Central agri team in state to inspect illegal imports

The Imphal Free Press

IMPHAL, Feb 16: An official team of the Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India led by the director, Integrated Pest Management (IPM), arrived in Imphal, to inspect various illegal imports of agricultural products from Myanmar into Indian territory and also to inspect scheme jointly implemented projects of the state and Central government under Farmers' Field Schools on Oil seeds and vegetables under the IPM technology. 

Dr. VK. Yadava, the director IPM is here along with Dr. KS. Kapoor, officer-in-charge Central IPM center, Guwahati and N. Lokendro Singh, SSA CIPMC, Imphal.

As a part of their official visit the team along with the officials of the state agriculture department including deputy planning G. Samu Kabui, deputy director soil chemist, Rajendro, today visited at Kakching Wairi (Loushipat) at Thoubal district master oil (M-27 variety) planted at 200 hector, potatoes farming in 15 hector under the IPM technology, farming conducted under the Society for peoples' Advancement of Manipur (SPAM). 

Similarly the team also inspected a farming area Yaiphakol Seed Bank and Potatoes farms cultivated on 35 hector at Imphal east district.

The director IPM while speaking to media persons revealed that the purpose of his visit was to inspect the progress of the implemented IPM scheme sanctioned under the ministry and further revealed that he was impressed adding he appeal the farmers to retrain from using chemicals fertilizers and pesticides, insecticide etc so as to avoid damaging the natural environment.

Further the VK. Yadava, informed that the team would leave for Moreh border town to check the functioning of quarantine check post to ensure whether illegal agricultural products like beetle nut, coconut etc is not imported in the Indian territory. 

The director also asserted that to ensure effective functioning of the quarantine check post especially along the Indo-Myanmar border, if necessary will be monitor under the Central ministry. 

Moreover he disclosed that the collected reports during the visit would be presented in the general conference IPM at Guwahati February 19.  


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