Govt to upgrade marketing centres

HAVERI: APMC minister Shivaraj Tangadagi said that 146 agricultural marketing centres of the state will be upgraded at a cost of Rs 450 crore in three years, to help farmers and workers of the area.

Addressing the gathering after laying the foundation stones for various developmental works at APMC in Byadagi on Wednesday evening, he said farmers there are 32 APMCs in the state with e-tenders, to help farmers get a good support price for their agricultural produces. This e-tender process will be soon implemented in all the marketing centres, he added.

There are reports of farmers being cheated by traders while weighing the agricultural produces and hence electronic weighing machines will be provided to the marketing centres.

With the porters of the markets being brought under the state's Janashree Insurance scheme, the markets will have to pay Rs 100 premium to the insurance company for each porter from now onwards. A total of 28,000 porters in the state will come under this scheme. To safeguard the quality of the food grains, the government has decided to build warehouses at a cost of Rs 14 crore. In addition to this, plans to provide vehicles to transport vegetables and fruits from the fields to market centres are also on cards, Tangadagi added.

Thanks: The Times of India


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